– Breaking down barriers –

Creating a culture where people, self-expression and creativity thrive.

Alan Oram and Lauren Castle

Alan Oram and Lauren Castle

Breaking down barriers

Date: 09th September 2021

Time: 3.30pm

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Breaking down barriers

Alan Oram and Lauren Castle from our lovely sponsors and creative gurus Alive With Ideas bring you an hour on creating a culture where people, self-expression and creativity thrive.

We’ll be exploring the importance of building connections and friendships at work and how it helps people feel included and valued. What are the benefits of having pals at work to laugh with and lean on?

Creating an open, honest culture where people can be themselves and connect with each other beyond the work stuff leads to great things.

Alan Oram: For over 20 years Alan’s been harnessing unique ideas and turning them into  powerful campaigns, communicating stories inside and out, for global brands to local businesses and everything in between. Thinking deeply, shocking occasionally, laughing frequently (maybe too frequently) and delighting consistently.
Alongside delivering creative projects for clients he also shares what he’s learned with others, helping them to think and act more creatively.

Lauren Castle is the Alive newbie, having joined the team just under four months ago. She’s involved in all things comms and absolutely loves coming up with new ideas and exciting content for clients. She has a passion for projects with a positive impact and thanks to the team she’s never felt more valued, creative and ALIVE.

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