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Positive change can sometimes feel like a long and lonely quest. When you’re feeling stuck, what can you draw on to help in your movement for improvement?

Becky Hodson and Kirsten Watson

Becky Hodson and Kirsten Watson

Passionate improvers in healthcare

Date: 09th September 2021

Time: 3.30pm

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Let’s paint a picture. You’ve noticed something about your work that could be better.

Maybe it’s about the way your team collaborates, maybe it’s how you manage workload, maybe it’s specific to particular campaign outcomes. You have that nagging sense that something needs to improve and yet it feels like a mountain to climb, a mountain filled with obstacles like limited resources, ‘change resistant’ colleagues or a lack of direction. Sound familiar?

Improvement can feel like an upstream battle. It’s often framed as something we get to if we find that elusive ‘extra time’ or it’s set as an unrealistic mission to neatly get from A to B. We want to challenge that – and challenge you – to think of improvement as a mindset. Some habits and behaviours, supported by some handy tools and techniques, that we can all adopt. Critically, in the words of Don Berwick (more on him later), it’s not about fixing everything at once, just the business of taking the next step.

Join us in this workshop where we’ll explore how to get moving on your improvement journey and break the change stalemate. We’ll offer you a tasting menu of resources that will help you move forward with your next goal. You might even pick up some tips on that couch to 5k you’ve been meaning to start, finally renovate that room, or try out a recipe from that cookbook someone bought you for Christmas…

Kirsten Watson works for NHSE/I and has held a range of clinical, regulatory and improvement roles in healthcare at local, regional and national levels. She’s experienced in partnership working, driving change and improvement. She’s always up for the opportunity to connect with others and look at doing things differently – which is why CU is right up her street!

Becky Hodson is a passionate improver with a communications and engagement background. She currently works at a national health body, leading on strategy development for improvement. She has experience in change management, agile project delivery and improvement science. She is a firm believer in the winning mix of creative collaboration and Dorset fresh air, so will be right at home in the field!

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