– Cyanotype - the art of light photography –

Immerse yourself in this nature-themed 19th century early photography workshop

Angela Heron Watkins

Angela Heron Watkins

Arts Workshop Leader

Date: 16th September 2022

Time: 3.15pm

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Cyanotype - making photos from sunlight!

Cyanotype is an alternative photographic process that creates images by placing objects directly on photosensitive paper. This traditional printing process, also known as a blueprint, is a 19th Century technique that uses UV light. No darkroom is needed, instead it uses the power of the sun and iron salt solutions.

Join Angela for a fantastically hands-on session, and watch your creations develop, literally, before your very eyes!

NB UV light is required to run this session, which will be split into two groups of 30 minutes. An alternative workshop on nature photography will replace cyanotype if it is unable to proceed. Fingers crossed everyone for Comms Unplugged’s traditional sunny weather!

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