– Albert Freeman –

Being way out in the Dorset countryside gives us the chance to wonder at the galaxy

Albert Freeman

Albert Freeman


Date: 13th September 2018

Time: 9pm

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Albert's impromptu stargazing session at CU17 captivated the #unpluggers - so we've asked him to do it again!

Albert lives in Shipley, West Yorkshire. When he’s not unplugged he works on digital comms for Bradford Council, and is also a musician.

He says: “I first got really interested in stargazing when travelling in remote parts of Laos and Australia. I was overwhelmed by the amazing blanket of celestial bodies visible when you get away from urban light pollution.”

Albert will show us that you don’t have to travel the world to explore our galaxy. At CU18 he’ll be showing us some of the planets and stars that you can see with the naked eye. And if we’re lucky, as we were at CU17, we might even see the odd shooting star.

He’ll also share practical tips on how you can appreciate the night sky at home without any expensive equipment.


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